I don't know where it came from or how it happened, but I developed a nasty infection from my latest infusion site. Check this out:

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At first I just thought it was another skin irritation due to my stupid allergic reaction to medical adhesives.  But this one was swollen and sore, and even hurt when I walked.

Having some experience with bacterial infections that can turn venomous, my hubby insisted that I go see a doctor right away. That of course meant dropping everything for a 20-minute trek out to my primary care physician, whom I barely ever see.  Naturally, she wasn't in on Tuesday, so ended up in the suite next door with some on-call doctor who clearly didn't know a thing about Type 1 diabetes.

The sight of my OmniPod on my shoulder made him jump.  Then he saw me checking my sugar, and asked "what my number was." When I replied, "well, it's 113 right now," he broke a smile and said, "Oh, so you're in very good control!"  As if one number at any given point in time determines your diabetes control. Sheesh! You'd think a doctor would know better than that.  After that I kept thinking, "113 is actually a little risky this soon after breakfast.  What if I'd reported a number in the 200's?  Would you be admonishing me now for my poor control?!"

Anyway, he was nice otherwise.  After hearing my story, he opted for an antibiotic that was "less likely to cause allergic reactions" (thank you very much). I have to take the pill four times a day for 10 days, and I am instructed to use warm compresses on the infection site just as often, to increase blood flow. OK, I'm pretty used to medical inconveniences at this point, but what about people who have real jobs in offices? What do they do if their bellies need warming four times a day?

In the end, the only thing that matters is whether this has any long-term impact on my ability to keep pumping.  God knows I don't want to return to injections!  Again, it's not the pokes themselves that bother me, but the complexity of struggling to control my BG levels with two different insulins and varying throught the day. Not to mention how much more difficult corrections are to figure out yourself.  Ugh!

But I can see I'm not the only pumper who's ever experienced an , or other complications with .  Stupid, sensitive skin.