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Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used to describe progressive inflammatory lung diseases, such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. COPD makes it difficult to breathe. You might experience wheezing, frequent coughing, or breathlessness. The condition may interfere with your ability to perform a number of activities, including everyday tasks. But COPD doesn’t have to define you.

easy eat hand is available to help you manage symptoms and come to terms with your illness. Whether you’re seeking general information, reassurance, or you’re looking to connect with people who can empathize with your situation, here are the best COPD blogs to bookmark.

COPD Foundation Blog

The COPD Foundation’s blog provides education and support to help improve the lives of people living with COPD. The blog is full of inspirational stories written by members of the community, including those with COPD as well as caregivers. Recent posts include this one written by Julie Nimoy, the daughter of the late actor and COPD advocate Leonard Nimoy. The stories and experiences of others living with this condition remind you that you’re not alone.

Visit the blog.

COPD, Learn More Breathe Better

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is committed to providing the information you need to help you cope with COPD. This blog is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to get facts, statistics, or general information to guide you through the diagnosis process. Check out articles with to help you manage your diagnosis and prevent further lung damage.


HealthCentral’s COPD Blog

HealthCentral’s COPD hub offers a wealth of helpful information, whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with COPD for a while. You’ll find encouraging stories by different contributors as they share their best tips and advice for enjoying life. You’ll also find posts on different types of therapy to help you breathe easier, plus a host of other resources to better understand your condition.


Respiratory Therapy Cave

This blog focuses on the profession of respiratory therapy, but there’s no shortage of information available to help you cope with COPD. The more you understand about your condition, the better. John Bottrell and other content creators at the Respiratory Therapy Cave are committed to providing accurate, timely information. Read how or about .


COPD Connect

This active community is the perfect place if you’re looking for information and support. You can post your own questions in the discussion forum, or you can offer your advice and opinions to help others manage and cope with their symptoms. Watch videos, , and access COPD news from around the web. Connect, share, and learn!


Do More With Oxygen

Do More With Oxygen offers comprehensive information to help you deal with every aspect of COPD. Whether you’re looking to , or you’re interested in , this blog has you covered. The goal is to empower and provide useful information to help you improve your overall health.


Inogen Oxygen Education Blog

Oxygen therapy can have a positive impact on the lives of those with COPD. Inogen aims to improve the quality of life for people using supplemental oxygen by offering compact, lightweight, portable machines. But the company’s support doesn’t stop here. Inogen’s blog includes a wealth of information related to oxygen therapy, general tips for living with COPD, and . COPD doesn’t have to hold you back!


COPD Athlete

Russell Winwood was diagnosed with asthma as a young child, but he didn’t receive a COPD diagnosis until 2011. He lives a very active life — even competing in triathlons. He uses his blog as a means to chronicle his experiences and offer encouragement to others living with COPD. His blog provides an abundance of information, including advice on COPD nutrition and various lifestyle articles related to COPD. The blog also highlights personal journeys of others who have .


American Lung Association’s Blog

The American Lung Association is dedicated to the fight against COPD. The organization’s website offers a range of information, whether you’re looking for advice on treatments and diagnosis, or you need to to manage your condition. These educational resources can put you a step closer to easier breathing. Join the online community and participate in discussions, and check out the blog for news about the organization. You can also find personal stories of people living with lung conditions and of their caregivers.


COPD International

COPD International’s compassionate blog is uplifting and reassuring. A COPD diagnosis can be frightening, but through this organization’s support network, you’ll receive and gain the confidence to push forward. Chat rooms, message boards, and the organization’s “Keep in Touch” program let you connect and build friendships with people from around the world. Together, you can encourage and inspire each other.


COPD easy eat hand Groups

COPD is treatable, but even if you receive support from your family, friends, and doctors, there are advantages to building relationships with other people who have the condition. Whether you need daily strength or you want to with your personal story, COPD easy eat hand Groups provides an outlet where you can share and grow.


The Lung Institute: Exhale

The Lung Institute understands the challenges of living with COPD. Their blog is committed to providing advice to help relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life. Education is key to managing this condition. Read information on the , as well as tips on how to cope with . COPD can affect every aspect of your life. But with the right treatment and support, it doesn’t have to dominate your life.