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Menopause 101

Every woman will go through menopause at some point in her life. But just because it's inevitable, doesn't mean you have to suffer through it.

By learning about the symptoms and potential complications of menopause, you can maintain the highest quality of life, and stay active, happy, and healthy through the next stages.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs in every woman’s life.

Common Menopause Myths

There are so many misconceptions surrounding menopause that it can be hard to distinguish what’s actually true.

The Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Although most of the time the signs of menopause are not hard to miss, it's still good to understand the full extent of the symptoms you may experience over the next few years.

Late-Onset Menopause

If you are 55 or above and still have not reached menopause, you would be considered late.

Causes of Early Menopause

Early menopause is a fairly common occurrence, and is caused by a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors.

Male Menopause

Is male menopause a clinical condition or just an urban legend?

Menopause Complications

When you reach menopause, your risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, weight gain, urinary incontinence, and Alzheimer's disease can all increase.

Preventing Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life cycle and cannot be prevented. However, many of the symptoms of menopause can be effectively managed by making preventative healthy lifestyle choices.

Risk Factors for Early Menopause

Premature menopause can be the result of surgeries, damage to the ovaries, certain genetic disorders, and some lifestyle choices.

Post-Menopause Health Screenings

Make sure you're taking the right action to stay healthy after you hit menopause.

Perimenopause vs. Menopause—What's the Difference?

The symptoms are the same, but there are some key differences.

Pregnancy During Perimenopause

Dr. Margert Gass discusses the pros and cons of conceiving and delivering a child as you near perimenopause.