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Alveolar vein

The alveolar veins include the inferior alveolar vein and the posterior alveolar vein. Both of these veins are also considered dental veins.

The inferior alveolar vein drains blood from the lower teeth and jaw, and the posterior alveolar artery assists it in completing this function. The inferior alveolar vein can also drain blood to the pterygoid plexus, a network of veins located near the cheek.

The posterior alveolar vein, on the other hand, works to drain blood from the molars and gums. 

The alveolar veins are located in the mandibular canal. This canal is a horizontal chamber located inside of the ramus, which is the back portion of the lower jaw.  The inferior and posterior alveolar veins are arranged in a network of veins, allowing them to empty blood out into a series of veins and muscles, including the pterygoid muscles, which serve as tributaries (drainages) for the facial vein.

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In Depth: Alveolar vein

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