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Dorsal intercuneiform ligament

The dorsal intercuneiform ligament secures the three cuneiform bones. Dorsal means the top of the foot. Cuneiform bones fit between the tarsal navicular and the metatarsals, in the area known as the “mid-foot.” The first or medial cuneiform bone is on the inside, above the ball of the foot. The remaining cuneiform bones work their way across to the cuboid.

Damage to the dorsal bones and ligaments in the mid-foot are uncommon. Only one percent of bone fractures are found in this region. Fractures may need surgical repair if the bones have separated (otherwise known as “displacement”). Injuries to the dorsal side of the foot need prompt attention to make sure they heal correctly.

Strands of ligaments stretch across the top of the cuneiform bones and weave their way into the joints. These ligaments help secure the cuneonavicular joint, and they support the transverse arch between the cuneiform bones and metatarsals, which are the bones that lead to those that make up the toes. They mesh with the cubonavicular and cuneonavicular joint ligaments that secure the tarsals, which are the bones of (approximately) the back half of the foot. If the dorsal intercuneiform ligament fails to support the arch, feet may seem splayed.

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In Depth: Dorsal intercuneiform ligament

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