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Gastric vein

The term gastric vein refers to different veins located in the stomach.

The short gastric veins are located on the left side of the stomach, between the gastrolienal ligaments. The veins act as a drainage system for the stomach, particularly around the fundus. The fundus stores undigested food until it is processed by the body or expelled from the body. The veins help to drain out unpurified gases from the stomach.

The coronary vein, or left vein, is one of the gastric veins in the stomach and functions to transport blood that needs oxygen. This vein moves across the stomach and up to the top opening, where the stomach meets the esophagus.

The right vein is located on the right side of the stomach, in the area known as the lesser curvature of the stomach. It pushes blood out of this area of the stomach. Both the left and right gastric vein belong to the portal circulation system. In this system blood is pushed through the different arteries, rather than pushed into the heart, for oxygenation.

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