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Palmar digital artery

The superficial palmar arch is a downward facing curve on the palm. It is primarily composed of the ulnar artery, with some contribution from a branch of the radial artery known as the superficial palmar. The palmar digital artery is the only type of artery that emerges from the superficial palmar arch. It then divides to proper palmar digital arteries. The palmar digital arteries provide blood supply to the lumbrical muscles of the second, third, fourth, and fifth fingers. They are located between the second and third, third and fourth, and fourth and fifth fingers. This artery is sometimes known as the volar digital artery, but usage of the term 'palmar digital artery' is more common. Each of these three arteries divides into two arteries known as the proper palmar digital arteries. Aneurysms of a palmar digital artery are rare. When they do occur, it is generally due to trauma. The usual treatment is excision. An operating microscope is used during this procedure.

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In Depth: Palmar digital artery

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