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Deep artery of penis

The artery to the corpus cavernosum is another term used to describe the deep artery of penis, which, as its name implies, supplies blood to the penis.

This artery is a terminal branch of the internal pudendal artery, which is the artery that provides blood to the external genitalia and branches off of the internal iliac artery. The internal iliac artery is defined as the pelvis's main artery.

The deep artery of the penis branches off the internal pudendal and travels between the urogenital diaphragm's two fasciae, layers of connective tissue. The urogenital diaphragm is also referred to as the triangular ligament and is defined as the layer of the pelvis that separates the upper pelvis from the deep perineal sac. (The deep perineal sac is the pouch or space that is partially enclosed by the perineum, an area between the anus and scrotum, and is situated higher than the perineal membrane.)

The deep artery of penis enters the crus penis (a back portion of the penis) after piercing through the inferior fascia. It then runs down the center of each corpus cavernosum penis and branches off. The corpus cavernosum penis is one of a pair of erectile tissues. It resembles sponge material and fills with blood during erection.

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In Depth: Deep artery of penis

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